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We Are “Academy Home Buyers” The BEST, MOST HONEST, FAIR, and TRANSPARENT Home Buyers in town.

And we stand by that promise!

We are a house-buying company, Known for making Fair Offers. We understand that absolutely no one will accept an offer that doesn’t work for them. That is why we go out of our way to keep our costs as low as possible, and to do our best due diligence and research, in order to bring you our Best Offer the First Time, Every Time.

Academy Home Buyers
Before and after rehab

Our rehabs are kept simple, and strategically designed to minimize the costs of repairs while maximizing our profit margins. You do know what this means, right?

Well, If we can keep our costs down and the profits up, we can offer you a lot more for your house. And this my friends is our secret to our higher offers! But shhhh, don’t tell anyone! 

Yes we are a real estate investing company: and like any other company we do it to make money. But, more than that, we chose to make money this way because we love it. We are having fun, and if a fast all cash offer helps you out of a tight spot, even better! BTW, if you would like to know how much we would offer for your house, just click the button below:

We Are Reputable House Buyers – What Does That Mean For You?

We have grown rather fond of things like food, clothing, and shelter; therefore we have to earn money to make a living. We choose to do this by helping people sell houses easily and efficiently, and by also providing housing opportunities to our community as well. Achieving this Mission would not be possible without seeking the absolute best interests of our clients and by providing the Best Fair Offer the first time, every time.

As legitimate and reputable home buyers, we are compliant with all of the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, as well as the Pennsylvania and Missouri. We are also licensed salespeople in the State of Virginia, which means we are held to even higher standards than other home buyers.

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Helping and Advising homeowners is enjoyable for us. We love what we do, and we take every homeowner extremely seriously and treat everyone with utmost respect.

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Our reviews speak for themselves!

We are not some big faceless corporation.Β  Academy Home Buyers is a local family owned business, with a mission to help homeowners sell troublesome properties, as well as providing ownership opportunities to under-served individuals.

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