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How Do I Sell My House For Cash?

Our Cash Offers Are Based On The After Repair Market Value Of Your House! (That’s A Good Thing)

How much cash we offer for your house is obviously a big question you’d like answered. Here on this page, we will explain the entire process, how we buy houses in cash, first through a quick overview, then followed by a more detailed actual breakdown of an offer we have recently made a homeowner just like you.

We Make The House Selling Process Easy & Seamless

By eliminating banks, and all other financial institutions, with strenuous regulations, approvals, and inspections, we can drastically simplify and speed up the house-buying process.

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How Do I Sell My House Fast?

Our Home-Buying Process Is Simple As You Can See Below.

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The First Step in selling your home is to simply complete the short form below, letting us know you are ready to sell your property.  It’s really that simple.  We will review your information and contact you in just a minute.

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Speak With Us & Get Your Offer

We can meet in-person, or virtually. We now know how much we can likely sell the home for when it’s done, and what our costs will be to get it there. Based on these numbers we present you an offer that is fair.

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Getting Cash for My House In Virginia

Pick A Closing Date

If we come to an agreement, you pick a date and the attorney does the rest. You get the cash; we get the deed, and everyone is happy!

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“It was a good experience and I would do it again.”

Randy, Pittsburgh, Pa.

The Offer:

Our offers are based upon the After Repair Value (ARV) of your house. This way we can make our highest and best offer up front, getting you the cash you need without wasting your time. Here is a breakdown of how the offer is generated.

[Your Offer] = [After Repair Value] – [Cost Of Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

This Is How We Calculate Our Cash Offers:

1) We Determine The After Repairs-Market Value Of Your House.

The After-Repairs Value: (or “ARV”) simply means what your house would be worth if it were completely renovated based on current market standards, just like your favorite HGTV show. Your offer is based on this value.

2) We Calculate The Cost of Repairs

The Cost Of Repairs: is how much it would cost US to renovate the house and make it look spectacular, ready for the market. We obviously strive to increase the value of the house so we can get as much as possible for it. This means a higher offer for you and an acceptable profit for us.

3) We Determine Our Selling Costs

The Selling Cost: includes all the costs associated with selling a property. Although we buy houses from homeowners without involving agents, we, on the other hand, do need to be able to sell the house for top dollar when we’re done (this was the whole point of fixing up the property). That means we list it with an agent, which means we have closing costs, agent commissions, and taxes to pay.

4) We Take Out Our Profits

Our Profits: are reasonable. This is a business and without a profit, we wouldn’t be able to stay in business, buy houses, pay our contractors, and plumbers, etc. if we didn’t make some sort of profit. However, we keep this to an absolute minimum so we can present you with the highest possible offer. See, our business model is structured around helping as many people as possible with lower margins, as opposed to doing fewer transactions. This benefits all and is a much better long-term strategy for any business.

Simply put, it all boils down to this simple concept:

Your offer will be the market value of your house completely fixed up, minus all the costs associated with us bringing the house to its completely fixed-up condition, minus our profits (of course).

“Wow! Working with Academy Home Buyers was absolutely the easiest real-estate transition ever. And I had a flipper house. So responsive via email or by phone. I will use them for all other sales!”

Karen. Virginia Beach, Va.

An Actual Case-Study of A Home We Bought In Virginia

Now let’s take a look at a home we recently purchased so that you can see How Your Fair Offer is generated, and get a feel for the time it takes to go from “Click” to “Cash.”

This home was owned by a retired Navy Veteran and his wife, who bought it in 2018 to use as a rental property.  They moved out of state about 5 hours away, and hoped to manage it from a distance.  Well things did not turn out as planned for them.

The tenants stopped paying, and worse, destroyed the house!  This retired veteran, whose wife was sick, traveled the 4-5 hours each way, to make repairs and update the house himself. This soon became too much and they decided to sell the house As-Is.  He took a number of pictures, put a For Sale By Owner sign in the window and lawn, and started posting the house for sale on various websites.  As you can imagine, he was soon overrun by scammers and wannabe’s.  He would travel all the way back to Virginia to show the house to “investor” after “investor.”  He did this at least 6 or 7 times!  They would waste an hour or 2 walking around the house, then a day or two later would give them some low-ball offer.  And that’s if they even showed up to the appointment!  

And do you know what made matters even worse?  He put his personal cell phone number on all of the ads.  The spam calls got so bad that he had to change his phone number, which he had had for more than 20 years.

We buy houses as is

Around the middle of June, the homeowners found Academy Home Buyers through one of our marketing channels and asked us to purchase this property.  We ran through our standard review and calculations, and gave them an offer over the phone.  It was too low.  They wanted more money, but I told them we do not give Low Ball Offers.  This was the maximum we could pay for the home, and the conversation ended. 

2128 Florida Ave

Fast forward five months to October of that same year.  Mr. Seller calls us back to ask if our offer is still valid.  Since our last conversation he has been low balled and dragged all over the place by shoddy investors, and had to change his phone number because of all of the spam calls.  The house was causing them a great deal of stress and they wanted it gone now.  I re-reviewed our numbers and agreed to the same terms from June.  I then quickly drove out to the home to view it from the outside (I didn’t want to make them drive up from North Carolina just to let me inside) in order to make sure things were as stated, and that nothing major had changed since the pictures were taken.  I called our attorney from the front lawn and told them to start working on the title.

18 days later they received their money.  I never met them.  We only spoke over the phone and signed agreements electronically.  They never had to go back to the house again. (Yes this is the same house)

This is the same house after being fixed up

Why Our Offers Are Better

Yes we know, we know. Everyone says this. But we will do better. We will show you why this is true, or at least we try to make this true 😉

See, the reason our offers are so fantastic, is because our offers are based on the value of your house as if it were completely fixed up and updated. Yes we figure out how much your house would be worth if it was completely updated.  Then we factor in the cost it would take to fix or update your home. Our offers are Solid.

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