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Home Cash Offer Companies

Companies that offer cash for houses, like Academy Home Buyers, are dedicated home buyers who are focused on providing homeowners with fast solutions to their real estate needs. All cash home buying companies operate under the premise that they will buy your property fast, with no hassle, and usually with cash. What many companies don’t tell you is that they charge you fees or that they will reduce their offer price AFTER you’ve already signed with them!

At Academy Home Buyers, we make our best offer first – every time – and we don’t come back and lower our offer after you’ve signed. And there are NO FEES when working with us.

How Do Cash Offer Companies Work?

Cash offer companies work by providing fast and stress-free sales to homeowners. Cash offer companies don’t always use “cash” to buy your home, but rather use a series of tools and systems to offer home-sellers the best options for their individual situations. Sometimes a cash offer company will purchase your home themselves, while other times they will partner with other investors in order to bring you to a fast and hassle-free close.

When you meet with a representative of a cash offer company, like Matt or Jim from Academy Home Buyers, you will discuss your selling timeline, the condition of the house, and anything else that may be important. We may visit your home in person, or do a virtual tour via cell phone in order to determine what, if any, repairs or upgrades are needed. From there, we will see which options for purchase are available for you, and help you determine the best way forward. These options can include:

  • Fixing your home and selling it on the open market
  • Selling your home on the open market as-is
  • Selling your home to our company for Cash
  • Selling your home to us under a loan assumption plan
  • Selling your home to us with some form of owner financing
  • Helping you keep your home as a rental property
  • Do nothing and keep your home

The option that suits you best is your decision, based upon your needs.

Need to move Fast- OR- Need Extra Time to Move?

Maybe a cash offer with a flexible closing date is an option. Maybe you can sell your home, get your cash, and lease back until you find a new home.

Want to spread out tax liabilities?

Selling with Owner Financing may be the right option for you. You can spread income from the sale of your property over several years.

Owe too much money and can’t cover closing costs?

A loan assumption sale might be the best option for you. You might even be able to sell your home and get some cash as well.

Cash Offer On A House Pros & Cons

Like every decision in life, there are pros & cons to everything we do. We can work overtime and earn extra money, but that means we can’t go to the family event. We can go to Thanksgiving with the in-laws and make your spouse happy, but that means we can’t go to our own family. The same decision-tree should be used when looking to sell your home to a cash offer company like Academy Home Buyers.


  • Sell on your schedule
  • No need to clean anything
  • You can leave all unwanted items
  • No open houses or allowing tons of strangers through your home
  • No haggling over price
  • Make no repairs or upgrades


  • May get less money than if sold with REALTOR

It may look simple, but this is the truth. There are a lot of Good Reasons to sell your home to Academy Home Buyers. The only real con is that you will more than likely net less money from the sale than if you were to list on the MLS with a REALTOR. You will be trading some money for a whole lot of convenience and certainty. If Money is the main factor for you, then a cash offer is probably not right, but if Time, Convenience, and Certainty are most important, then you deserve to request a Cash Offer!

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